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Translations by Tim Ray



Besides writing books, Tim Ray has also translated several books about spirituality and consciousness from English to Danish. His translations include:




The Mental Laws (Barbara Berger, 2016)

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass (Barbara Berger, 2016)

Sane Self Talk (Barbara Berger, 2012)
The Awakening Human Being
(Barbara Berger with Tim Ray, 2009)

The Adventures of Pebble Beach (Barbara Berger, 2008)

Power, Freedom and Grace (Deepak Chopra, 2007)
A Thousand Names for Joy (Byron Katie, 2007)
Are You Happy Now? (Barbara Berger, 2007)
The Spiritual Pathway (Barbara Berger, 2003)
Mental Technology
(Barbara Berger, 2000)
Gateway to Grace (Barbara Berger, 1998)
The Road to Power 2 (Barbara Berger, 1996)
The Road to Power (Barbara Berger, 1995)