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by Barbara Berger

Barbara's long-awaited autobiography is on its way. The e-book version will be released on May 18th. Pre-order your e-book now! (The printed edition will be available later this year.)

Barbara Berger is known and loved around the world for her many books about the amazing power of the mind including her international bestseller, “The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul” which is published in more than 30 languages and has to date sold some one million copies worldwide. In this captivating and ruthlessly honest autobiography, Barbara shares her amazing life story and her long, challenging road to power.

“People are always asking me how I ended up living in Denmark”, says American-born author Barbara Berger, “and when I start telling them how it all began on a bench in Mexico City… where Steve and I were sitting on the very first day we arrived there in 1966, after being on the run from the US military authorities for 1½ years because Steve had been drafted to go to Vietnam and we were against the war… And all we had was $150 in our pockets and nowhere to go. And then this artist walked over to us and asked us if he could sketch our faces because we were so beautiful. He started sketching our faces but then he suddenly stopped and said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I blurted out, ‘We’re running away from the US army. Steve’s been drafted and we’re against the Vietnam War and the army is after him and we’re scared. We just got here and we don’t know what to do.’ He thought for a moment and said, ‘Don’t worry. I am from Sweden and I am a pacifist and I think you are doing the right thing. You can go home with me to Sweden and I’ll take care of you.’ Just like that. And the funny thing was that’s exactly what he did. He took us home with him to Sweden and he did take care of us. He turned out to be Ragnar Johansson, a famous Swedish artist, and his brother Rune Johansson was a journalist at ‘Dagens Nyheter’, Sweden’s largest newspaper. So when we got to Sweden, we became minor heroes, representatives of the new America, the young America that was saying no to the Vietnam War. And I wrote a book about it all which caused quite a stir in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.”

“And then whoever I’m telling this story to always says to me, ‘But Barbara you must write a book about all this.’ So I finally did, and here it is. My story. My Road to Power!”

"My Road to Power - Sex, Trauma & Higher Consciousness" e-book will be released worldwide on May 18th. The printed edition will be available later this year.
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