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Every day for 10 minutes from 3 pm to 3.10 pm in the afternoon European time (CET 1500 hours). This is 2 pm in the UK and 9 am Eastern Standard Time in the US.


Please join us in our daily meditation for Healing and World Peace.

Every day at 3 pm, we join forces with good people all around the world and send healing energy to each other for whatever physical, mental, psychological and/or emotional difficulties and challenges we each are facing.

Then we end our 10 minutes of meditation by sending thoughts of Love and Peace and Healing to the good people of Ukraine, to the Middle East, to the women of Iran and Afghanistan and to other trouble spots around the world.

Please join forces with us to help raise the collective consciousness on Planet Earth. You can sit, lie down, or stand and walk as you do this meditation – whatever works best for you is fine. It’s the good energy that counts! And try to do it every day!

Barbara & Tim & Thomas