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NO. 113 / FEBRUARY 2018

In this newsletter you can read about:
1) Find the still small voice and follow it no matter what
2) How to go from chronic people-pleasing to empowered assertiveness
3) Video: Barbara talks to Peter Roth about how to be true to yourself

Find the still small voice and follow it no matter what

“This 105 page warrior is the complete package. The author told me with her wit, examples and compassion how to listen to me, to find the small still voice and to follow it no matter what. I do believe many of us were taught to put other people’s feelings and needs before our own, and it is wonderful to have my new little buddy tell me to just listen and follow my heart. I would recommend this simple slice of Heaven to anyone wanting the bottom line to self love. Thanks Barbara, it makes so much sense.”
- Riki Frahmann, book reviewer at Mystic Living Today

Dear friends,

Since the release of Barbara’s new book “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload” in English this Fall, interest in the powerful message of the book has been steadily growing. Whether new to the art of self-empowerment or veteran self-help practitioner, the book seems to strike a powerful chord with so many people.

In addition to the book’s main message about the Inner Compass, readers are also excited about Part Two of the book which focuses on how to deal with the fear of other people’s disapproval if your Inner Compass sends you in a direction other people might disapprove of. In other words, Part Two is a short course in assertiveness, constructive communications and healthy boundaries.

Here is a taste from Part Two of the new book featured on

“How to go from chronic people-pleasing to empowered assertiveness

by Barbara Berger

What if your Inner Compass tells you to do something that goes against the wishes of your family? What then? What do you do?

Give up your dream? Don't listen to your Inner Compass? Grit your teeth and get on with your family's plan for you and your life?

It's a good question isn't it?  And this is where so many people get into trouble even if they know in their heart of hearts what they want to do. It could be, for example, choosing a career track your family doesn't approve of, or being in a same sex relationship, or marrying someone of a different race or religion, or dropping out of school or going back to school, or changing jobs or quitting your job or ... the list of things you might want to do that your family might disapprove of is endless. (It all depends on your family and their belief systems!)

So what can you do?

If you don't want to give up your right to be you and follow your Inner Compass, this is where it's important to remind yourself of everything that's in this book about you being you and you having a right to be you and you having an Inner Compass that is always telling you what is best for you. And remind yourself that we are fortunate enough to be living in democratic societies which protect the rights of the individual to live the life that he or she chooses. So think upon these things over and over again until you are sure you understand the basic principles. Remind yourself that it's not your job to make other people happy but that it is your job to follow your integrity and support everyone else in following theirs!

So this is where assertiveness training comes in.”

Click here to read the rest of this excerpt from the book.

Read more about “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”
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The book is also out in Czech, Danish and Polish – and coming soon in Portuguese (in Brazil & Portugal).

Video: Barbara talks to Peter Roth on Energy Stew about how to be true to yourself and follow your Inner Compass

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