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About Tim Ray


For more than 25 years, the driving force in Tim Ray’s life has been to how to live a happy life – and he’s discovered that the way to do this is by what he calls “Getting Real” - waking up to the nature of reality and the way the mind works.

Tim also says that his motivation was “inspiration” and “desperation”, and it all began during those periods of his life when he was deeply unhappy. Nothing like pain to get you going! That’s why Tim is so passionate about sharing his insights and discoveries – because he hopes they might help others.

Tim also loves a really good tale and he is the author of the novels “Starbrow - A Spiritual Adventure” and “Starwarrior - A Spiritual Thriller”. Both books combine an exciting adventure story with vital insights into the nature of consciousness and mind. The novels have so far been released in Danish, English and Dutch.

Tim works closely with Barbara Berger and together they have shared their "Getting Real" observations and tools in Denmark and other countries for many years. "The Awakening Human Being - A Guide to the Power of Mind" presents the essence of their work and is available in English, Danish, Bulgarian, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Russian.

Besides writing books, Tim has also translated several books about spirituality and consciousness from English to Danish by authors such as Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra and Barbara Berger.


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