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A Spiritual Thriller
Book 2
by Tim Ray

$25.00 USD (Free shipping worldwide)

Starbrow’s spiritual adventure continues and Book 2 in the series is another page-turning thriller. Join Starbrow and his faithful companions as they struggle to become Spiritual Warriors and apply the teachings of the Masters in the face of cataclysmic Earth Changes and challenges. And when all seems lost they receive help from the most unexpected quarter.

An ancient prophecy
and an earth-shattering intergalactic event...
A world in chaos
and a CIA agent on a global manhunt...
A radio that receives messages
from the higher dimensions...
And a lost spiritual teaching
that can change the future of humanity.
In short: A busy week
for Starbrow and his friends!


Starwarrior is available in English and Danish.


Starwarrior postcard and poster.

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