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Spiritual Pop Songs - CD
by Tim Ray

$15.00 USD (Free shipping worldwide)


Get up on the dance floor! Tim Ray’s “Spiritual Pop Songs” CD combines funky pop songs with positive and uplifting lyrics.


Here’s what Tim has to say about the CD:


“I’ve always loved funky pop and dance music – Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five, Michael Jackson, Prince, Sting, Madonna, Jamiroquai, Black Eyed Peas… But as I became more and more aware of the relationship between our thinking and our experience of life, I also began to realize that the lyrics to many pop songs are pretty negative. The words are actually affirming the exact opposite of reality – “I can’t live without you”, “I need your love”, and other beliefs that our happiness is dependent on outer circumstances and other people.


This realization made me start to think: “Wouldn’t it be cool to have funky dance music with positive, uplifting lyrics that are more in harmony with reality and our true nature?” I began looking for this kind of music, but since I couldn’t really find any, I realized that if I really thought this was such a great idea, it was up to me to do it!


I teamed up with Barbara and our good friends Chris M and Joshua Ray, and together we built a small sound studio and got going. Barbara and I wrote the positive lyrics and came up with some of the melodies, Chris M and Joshua Ray composed and recorded the music on keyboard, and I sang the vocals.


After several years of great fun every Monday evening in our small home studio, we finished our first CD with 12 funky “Spiritual Pop Songs”.


I hope you enjoy the the positive lyrics and beats as much as we did when we were making them!


Stay funky,


PS 3 of the songs on the CD – “Starbrow’s Song”, “Guardians of the Earth” and “The New Vision” – are songs to my novels “Starbrow” and “Starwarrior”!”


The 12 songs are:


1. Now (click here to download song)
2. Guardians of the Earth
3. A Perfect Creation
4. The Great Law
5. Starbrow’s Song
6. Grace
7. Pure Light
8. I Believe in Good
9. The Prize
10. One Fine Day
11. Now (Get Up On the Dance Floor Mix)
12. The New Vision (click here to download song)