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Spiritual Pop Songs
by Tim Ray

CD with 12 songs. $15.00 USD (Free shipping worldwide)


These songs contain consciousness-raising lyrics

A funky way to focus on Spirit
"Spiritual Pop Songs" are a fun and funky way to focus on Spirit and raise your consciousness. The CD contains 12 funky pop songs with positive, happy, consciousness-raising lyrics that you can sing and dance to.

3 of the songs on the album – “Starbrow’s Song”, “Guardians of the Earth” and “The New Vision” – are songs to Tim Ray's novels “Starbrow” and “Starwarrior”.

You can hear or download the first single from the album - "Starbrow's Song" - for free here.



The 12 songs on the album are:

1. Now
2. Guardians of the Earth
3. A Perfect Creation
4. The Great Law
5. Starbrow’s Song
6. Grace
7. Pure Light
8. I Believe in Good
9. The Prize
10. One Fine Day
11. Now (Get Up On the Dance Floor Mix)
12. The New Vision