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One of The Most Popular Books of 2012 on New Consciousness Review!


How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness

by Tim Ray

Tim's latest book 101 Relationship Myths was released by Findhorn Press in the UK and US in 2012. The book has also been released in Danish, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan), Portuguese (Brazil) and Polish.


Since the book's original release in Danish in Denmark in Fall 2010, Tim's powerful and provocative book has created quite a stir. 53,000 copies of the book have now been printed in Denmark and the reader response has been amazing. People are really talking about Tim’s unique contribution to a subject that occupies so many people’s minds.

So what’s all the excitement about?

Well, in this entertaining and thought-provoking book, Tim presents a revolutionary new way

of looking at our relationships and why they can be so problematic – and then he goes on to offer some refreshing, new advice as to what we can do about it.

The book’s basic premise is that most of us believe in a wide range of myths about men and women, love and relationships that we’ve never questioned. And it’s our unquestioned belief

in these myths that confuses us and makes us unhappy in our relationships. To help readers understand the power of myths in our lives, Tim identifies some of our most common “relationship myths”. And then he shows us how we can free ourselves from them. The result

is much greater clarity, joy and love in our relationships.

The unique concept behind the book

A myth is a story or tale that people believe in that has nothing to do with reality. Like people believing the Earth was flat before Columbus sailed to America. The same goes for relationships. There are a lot of myths about relationships that run people’s lives, which they haven’t questioned.

Now for the first time, in this groundbreaking book Tim Ray identifies many of our most basic myths about relationships and shows us how to question them with his simple mythbusting techniques. Something which has never been done before.

Examples of some of the collective myths which Ray investigates are:
My happiness is dependent on my partner.
If you love me, you’ll do what I want.
If I try hard enough, my partner will sooner or later change.
I’m more selfish than my partner if I don’t do what my partner wants.
I know what is best for my partner.
A relationship can only work if you compromise.
A relationship is only a success if it lasts until death do us part.
I need a partner to be happy.
It’s better to be in a relationship than to be single.
I can only experience the love that I seek with one special person.
Strong sexual attraction means we’re a good match.
Men and women are different.

Once he identifies the myths, Ray then uses his simple mythbusting technique to find out whether or not this story or idea has anything to do with reality. The results as we have heard from Ray’s clients and readers are amazing. (More clarity and love in their relationships).


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101 Relationship Myths in English, Danish, Korean and Chinese:
















































What people are saying about the book:


Are you unhappy with a partner, or feel you aren't getting your needs fulfilled in your relationship? Before you change your significant other, you might want to change your way of thinking — because there might really be something to that old "it's not you, it's me" cliche.
—JEN WEIGEL of the Chicago Tribune interviews Tim Ray, read the full interview here


Tim Ray’s out-of-the-box perspectives on succesful relationship patterns are taking the world by storm and changing how we interact with others.
– OM Times Magazine, read the full cover story and interview here

Edgy journalist, blogger, and couples counselor Tim Ray keeps it real with his direct approach to love and happiness in his confrontational new book 101 Relationship Myths. Ray’s book opens up gently blasting women’s magazines, many of which are responsible for providing dubious relationship advice to its (female) readers.
— ALLYSON GRACIE, Wellness Specialist, Retailing Insight, read the full review here

Tim Ray is a relationship columnist and blogger who has written a clearly thought-out book that is also humorous and encouraging. Whether or not you're in a close relationship right now and whether or not it is working for you, this book will be very helpful in understanding better how relationships do and don't work! Many myths are destroyed in this book and rightly so!
– KRYSTA GIBSON, New Consciousness Review, read the full review here

So many people DO desire the wonders of a loving relationship; yet fear entrapment, myself included. Finally new paradigm relationship models surface, allowing the freedom of unconditional love to breathe, grow and truly evolve. 101 Relationship Myths leads the way, shedding light on subconscious outmoded patterns that sabotage enjoying true love.
— SARA INCE, Eco Luminescence, read the full review here


"If you are wondering why your personal relationships never seem to work how you want them to, then maybe you need to question your beliefs about what makes them work. This is the book to help you sort this out."

— BILL ANDERTON, Pilgrims, read the full review here

”I loved the message of your book. I have been telling my 30 something girlfriends about your book and lots of laughs at the reality of such an insane time of pressure that they feel they need to fulfill.”
– NICOLA PHOENIX, spiritual psychologist and author of ”Reclaiming Happiness”

“Never before have I read an author who has done so much research into ‘what happens to the hero and heroine AFTER they finally get each other’. Read Tim Ray’s book and get a driver’s license for your relationship.” 
JANE AAMUND – Denmark’s leading woman writer and author of countless bestselling books

“A fun and courageous book that shows us how we can experience more happiness in our relationships by questioning the traditional ways of doing things. I warmly recommend this book to everyone who’s interested in personal development.”
JOAN ØRTING – Denmark’s leading sexologist, couple therapist, TV host, and best-selling author

"An important book."

KAREN SENECA — journalist, Ekstra Bladet

"What you write is fantastic and really makes one think. It's great that you are so provocative. First you stir up a lot of emotions and then you apply the healing balm."  CHARLOTTE HAASE - editor, Psykologi

"Thanks for your awesome column Tim Ray . . . . I hope you will continue to be a columnist for us for a long time—I will be very proud to have you on our team."

VIGGA WAGTBERG — editor of Oestrogen, Denmark's largest Web site for women