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The Road to Power

Fast Food for the Soul


Chapter 1





We are what we think
We become what we believe
Our life is what we visualize
Our life is what we say it is

We can change our lives
by changing our thoughts


This is a book about power.


This is a book about the ways in which you can control your life and create the life you've always wanted to live.


Our thoughts and words are all-powerful.
Through our thoughts and words,
we create our lives.

We are the only ones who have complete control
over our thoughts and words
because we are the only thinkers in our minds.


This is why we are so powerful.


The Revolution in Consciousness

This is the great revolution in consciousness that is taking place right now. More and more people are claiming their own power. More and more people are awakening to the simple fact that what they think, declare and focus on is what they attract into their lives.


We are only victims of our own thinking.


If your life is not working, it's time to look at your attitudes and thoughts because only here will you find the key to taking control of your life and changing your destiny.


Decide on the life you want, visualize it, affirm it, decree it, focus on it, believe it, have faith in it, and you will find yourself living this life much sooner and much faster than you ever dreamed possible.


The Way the Mind Works

When you realize what it's all about, it's almost too simple to be true. It's almost a joke.


When the realization dawns on you, and you stop laughing, you'll probably ask yourself why you spent so much of your life working so hard, struggling like mad against outside circumstances, when all you had to do was change your own thinking.


The outside world is just a manifestation of what we choose to think about. Focus on sickness, poverty, and misery and you will experience these things instantly. Change your focus and concentrate on the feast of life, on your blessings, on all the good in life, on vibrant health and the abundance of the universe—and instantly they will appear for you.


What changed? The universe surely didn't, all that changed was your thinking.


The Power of Inner Work

Look around you. Most people are struggling desperately everyday to survive or to perform, achieve, and succeed.


So many of us also find ourselves rushing around madly, because we believe that the harder we try, the more worthy we will become as human beings.


I know, I've been there myself. I was brought up that way, just like you were. I had the same education and heard all the same arguments we created to justify struggle. For example: That's the way the world is. You have to work hard to make it. Money doesn't grow on trees. Life is a struggle. If I work hard enough maybe they'll love me. Old age means sickness and misery, etc.


Believing this, we desperately try to force our good on the outer plane. Until sooner or later, we realize that it just doesn't work like that. We cannot force our good on the outer plane.


The real point of power is inside.


So do the inner work. Examine your thoughts and attitudes, dump the ones that don't work, and adopt the focus that will create the life you want to live.


And leave the outer plane alone.


The outer plane will take care of itself. It's like a magical computer printout of your life; anytime you press the print command, it will give you an exact reading of what you are thinking on the inner plane.


So forget struggle. Forget hardship. Forget poverty, sickness and unhappiness. Do the inner work and start enjoying your life right now.


Practical Techniques

Since this is a book about power, each chapter contains practical techniques you can use in your daily life to gain control of your life and create the life you want to live. All the techniques described in this book have helped me improve the quality of my life at one time or another. I felt moved to write this book because these techniques helped me so much, I want to share them with you.


I tried to design this book so it's easy to use. I wrote this for busy people and for people who have little patience with long-winded intellectual discussions and/or long, boring explanations. If you want fast results, if you want techniques which are easy to understand, easy to learn and which work quickly, this book should be fun for you.


For several reasons:

First of all, this is a short book.


And secondly, you don't have to read the book from start to finish to make it work for you. You can just dive into any chapter that attracts you and start there. Just follow your intuition... then this book will be happy with you too!


I've also found that different techniques have worked for me at different times of my life and that the methods I use also keep changing according to the situation, the problem, or the needs of the moment. Again, I try to follow my intuition and use whatever technique feels right.


We are all constantly evolving, growing and changing, so we outgrow techniques or we get tired of them - and then we release them for a while so we can move on to new methods. Likewise, a technique which worked well for us in the past can suddenly start to appeal to us again, even though we haven't used it for months or years. Then we go back and reconsider it and find new meaning, new depth, and new power. Techniques and ideas continue to open up to us - like peeling off the layers of an onion, as we continue to grow and gain power over our lives.


And finally, everything in this book is meant to give you great pleasure and a deep sense of joy. I believe that when we connect to our deeper selves and understand that we are responsible for our lives and destinies, we see life as the great adventure it truly is and can consciously claim our own power to become the true creators we in fact already are.