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Articles by Barbara Berger in Mystic Living Today


The Ultimate Self-Empowerment Tool – Your Inner Compass 

The Key to Happiness; Understanding the Way the Mind Works

Who would you be if you didn’t know your age?

The Power of Right Seeing

Review of Barbara Berger’s book Find and Follow Your Inner Compass by Riki Frahmann

Are You Here Now? Are You Happy Now?

Discovering Who You Really Are

Getting in Touch with Your Heart

Follow Your Passion & Accept the Consequences

The Power of the Joyful Giver

You have nothing to deal with but your own thoughts

Radio show

Peace Is Your Nature

The Power of Contemplating Love

How Can We Serve?

The Importance of Mind Management

Focus on the Real – A Way of Dealing with Worry and Catastrophic Thinking

Nothing External Can Disturb Us

Just Let Everything Be!

The Gift of Crisis

The Power of Asking for Help

What does it mean to be psychologically mature?

The Meaning of Life

The Power of Praise & Blessing

Our Unalienable Rights

Meeting the Family & Keeping Your Peace of Mind

Healthy Boundaries – the Secret of Good Relationships

Healthy Parenting

Wanting What You Have


A Scientific Prayer to Lift Your Consciousness

Healthy Self Talk about the Body

Times Are Changing Aren’t They?

Are You Following Your Inner Compass?

What Happens When We Don't Listen to Our Inner Compass?

Your Right to Be You

Doing the Right Thing

Seeing Behind Impermanence

Opening Your Heart – A Prayer for the New Year

Welcome to the World of Starbrow and His Amazing Spiritual Adventures

Use This Simple, Effective Right Reaction Exercise to Tackle Stressful Moments

No Healing Without Feeling

Happiness Is an Inside Job

The Power of Joy and Laughter

Watch Out for Black and White Thinking!

The Power of Eating Less

Good Ways to Say No and Set Limits

Higher Consciousness and the Power of Nature

Gratitude for the Gift of Life

Do Not Be Bluffed by Your Body

What Is Spiritual Bypass?

The Intention of Oneness

The Importance of Having a Daily Program

What Is Preventing You From Being Happy?

Happiness Now

Staying Sane in Insane Times

The Power of the Choice-Maker

Understanding and Using Mental Technology

Cleaning Up Our Act About Money

No Comparisons (A Meditation or Contemplation)

Being Your Own Best Friend

The Power of Release

Meeting the Family & Keeping Your Peace of Mind

Freedom for Ukraine!


Finding the Gandhi Within

Are You Sure You’re Really Feeling Anger?

The Healing Power of Talk Therapy

Healthy Models for Relationships

Say No to Negative Thinking

How My Karma Became My Dharma

Meditation - A Reminder

My Road to Power

What Is Your Relationship to Your Body?

The Impulse to Do the Right Thing

Peace and Love

Relationship Checklist

The Technology of the Soul