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The Spiritual Pathway
A Guide to the Joys of Awakening and Soul Evolution
by Barbara Berger

Paperback: $25.00 USD (Free shipping worldwide)

In this book, Barbara explores the evolution of the soul and the challenges and delights of the Spiritual Pathway. Her insights are truly inspiring and guaranteed to stimulate your soul growth.


With the realization that we are more than our physical bodies, the exploration of consciousness begins and we soon discover there is a technology of the soul. Barbara explains why the evolution of consciousness is not a haphazard occurrence but rather an orderly sequence of events—each with its own unique challenges and rewards. She also explains why diligent mind management is necessary to attain self-mastery. In the book’s final section, Barbara explores the importance of the evolution of the soul for world peace.


The book also contains many meditations and treatments that act as energetic triggers to expanded states of consciousness. The words coming through Barbara open soul doors to higher consciousness.


The Spiritual Pathway is a book for everyone who is awakening from an unconscious “personality-based” existence to a fully conscious “soul-based” life.


Foreword to The Spiritual Pathway.

The Spiritual Pathway
is available in English, Danish, Russian, Czech and Italian.