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How This Book Was Born
I have been a seeker on the path all my life, but especially since that transformative day when my book “The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul” was unexpectedly channeled to me during the summer of 1994. At that time, I was trying to combine a stressful career (as a copywriter), pursue my spiritual studies and growth, and fulfill my obligations as a single parent with three sons. I was so stressed that I finally decided I had to take a break. So I closed down my business for three weeks and told everyone I was going away. But I didn’t go anywhere. Instead I took my bike and went up to the forests and beaches north of Copenhagen everyday and walked alone, meditated, prayed, sat under the trees, listened, stayed late on the beaches. After three weeks of peace and silence I was just sitting on the beach late one afternoon when it was like I got knocked on the head and a voice said to me, “Barbara you are going to write this book… so get out your pen and paper and write this down.” So I got out my little notebook and listened. Then the voice said, “The title of the book is ‘The Road to Power’ (later also known as ‘Fast Food for the Soul’) and the title of chapter one is… and this is what you are going to write about and the title of chapter two is… and this is what it’s about…” until the whole book was delivered to me… and then the voice said, “now go home and write it.” So I did.

Once I wrote the book, nobody in Denmark where I live would publish it even though I was an established author with many books already published. Then my guidance told me to publish it myself and to give it away. At the same time, I had given the manuscript to Jane Aamund, Denmark’s most famous woman author and journalist, who was in the hospital with cancer—hoping it would help and comfort her. She read the manuscript over and over again and when I visited in the hospital, the pages were strewn all over her bed. While she was in hospital, I printed 1,000 copies of the book. When the book was ready, she came out of hospital and wrote a full-page article that appeared on the front page of the Sunday section of Denmark’s biggest newspaper “Berlingske Tidende”. Suddenly lots of people wanted the book and I began receiving letters and calls from people telling me the book had really changed their lives. The book became a bestseller in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia and it is now being published all around the world.

Since then, I have continued to develop and hone my “listening” skills and I have learned that guidance is always available to us if we will only “take the time and make the space to go within and feel the grace”. So “taking the time” and “making the space” have become an important part of my life and I always try to give myself regular time for meditation and silence in nature. The writings in this book are a collection of the notes and information about the evolution of the soul that came to me during the three-year period 1997-2000. Most of the insights were written down immediately following deep meditation or an extended period of silence in nature when suddenly the information was given or almost “spoken” through and/or to me. This is also why—as you will discover—so many of the sections are written to “you”. In most cases, the “you” it is written to is me! My guide or teacher on the other side was speaking directly to me.

You will also discover that there are quite a few drawings in the book. This is because information often comes to me in the form of visual images, which I then try to capture on paper.

Then at the end of 2001, I had a dramatic health scare (which quickly faded back into the nothingness from which it came) and I thought to myself, well if I am going to check out now, I should put my notes together and leave them in proper order so that maybe others can benefit from this information. So I did and these notes became the first section of the book. The second and third sections were written in early 2002 to supplement and support the original material.

To facilitate the presentation of this information, I have divided the material into three sections:

Part 1: Soul Technology. This section contains my original notes, drawings and insights into the evolution of the soul and the spiritual pathway.

Part 2: Mind Management. This is the “how to” section of the book and offers practical advice and techniques to help facilitate the daily application of the information presented in the first section of the book.

Part 3: Peace Technology. This section is an attempt to sketch what I believe the practical application of soul evolution and our spiritual development mean and will mean for our world.

I sincerely hope this information will help you on your way.


Barbara Berger
Copenhagen, June 2003