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A Spiritual Adventure
Book 1
by Tim Ray

$25.00 USD (Free shipping worldwide)


1500 years ago, in the Dark Ages of humanity,
they were given a mission: To use the Force
to create peace and harmony on Earth.

But the mission failed.

Now, 1500 years later, at the dawn of a New Age,
they are called upon to fulfill their ancient oath
and complete their mission.

But there’s just one small problem.

They’ve forgotten the Secret of the Force...
and who they really are.

And they have less than 48 hours to remember.


Starbrow is an exciting adventure story that presents vital insights into the nature of consciousness and mind. Join Starbrow and his friends on their mind-boggling mission – through space, time and the dimensions – from the streets of Copenhagen to the dramatic climax on top of Glastonbury Tor in England! A ripping good yarn that’s funny, exciting, moving, surprising and enlightening.


Starbrow is available in English, Danish and Dutch.

Starbrow's spiritual adventure continues in Book 2: Starwarrior.

What folks are saying about Starbrow

“Still bowled over by Starbrow. It really is a magnificent book, a complex plot so well-woven, and I loved the way the higher Spiritual Laws were played out.”
- Diana Cooper, author of A Little Light on Angels


“This book is at heart, an old-fashioned cliffhanger adventure story, albeit one with a very up-to-date New Age slant. It’s sheer good fun to read.”
- Avalon Magazine

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