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by Tim Ray



Tim Ray offers insights as to how we can each contribute to the creation of world peace.


If we study the world’s metaphysical and spiritual teachings, whether they are from the East or the West, we see that one of the basic spiritual tenets or “natural laws” is that all events originate in thought. In ancient terminology, they said “whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap”. Translated into modern language, we would say: “Thoughts are cause, outer events are effect”. In other words, it is not possible for an event to take place in the outer world without there first being a thought. Thought is the causative factor.


The Illusion of Separation

So events such as war, violence and disharmony, whether it is on a personal or a collective level, must have their origin in thoughts of separation and apartness. You could call it the “us and them” thought. Thoughts like this, thoughts that we are separate individuals with no connection to each other are not in harmony with the Nature of Reality, which is that everyone and everything are in fact One. When people have thoughts of separation, these thoughts lead to fear and hate—and eventually manifest in the outer world as conflict, violence and war.


If we take it as our starting point that we all in reality are One, that we are all connected, then we must come to the conclusion that these negative thoughts cannot only be present in the people who are behind the terrorist attacks. They must in fact also be present in all the people who are affected and influenced by them in the outer world. We must come to this conclusion if we accept the premise that we are all one and that our thoughts are creating our reality. Thus we see that we are all—with our daily thoughts and words—contributing to the collective consciousness and to the collective reality on Planet Earth. When I say this, of course I don’t mean that the people who are involved in the terrorist acts (both those who are “responsible”, the victims and their close relations, and all the many millions of people all over the world who right now feel deeply affected by these events) have consciously harbored thoughts of separation, fear and disaster. Usually we are not aware of the fact that many of our most basic thoughts about the nature of life are thoughts of separation, fear and limitation.


The Solution

If we can see that the cause of these events is our thoughts, we can also see that the solution, the cure, for this problem, is also in our thoughts. If we want to experience a better world in the outer world, we first have to think about, affirm, see and believe in a better world in the inner. We have to remember and realize our interconnectedness, our unity. Here again, we must remember our premise: Thoughts are cause, outer events are effect. As long as our thoughts are of separation, limitation or fear, we will keep on experiencing an outer world of disharmony, poverty, death and destruction. If we want to experience a world of peace, harmony, oneness, love, prosperity and happiness, we have to change our focus and see and envision such a world. We have to focus on the fact that in reality there is only One. One God, One Power, who is the God of all human beings, whether this “He/She/It” is called Spirit, The Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Brahman or the Force. We have to focus on the fact that in reality there is only One human being, One Soul, individualized in all 6 billion human beings on Earth, whether this human being is a man or woman, white or black, Christian or Moslem, American or Arab. And we have to see this One Power or Force working in and through all human beings on Earth in Perfect Harmony and Love. This is what the Wise have eternally proclaimed. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna—they have all passed on this teaching about the Nature of Reality.


It may appear that changing your thoughts and focussing on oneness and love is of little use if the thoughts of most other people are focussed on separation and fear. But remember this: On the physical plane it might seem as if we are all separate individuals. But on the inner, invisible consciousness plane, we are all One. In reality there is only One Mind, God’s or the Force’s Mind, which we are all one with and constantly using. What one human being thinks, sends invisible waves out into the world and affects the entire collective consciousness. Scientific research indicates that if 1% of the Earth’s population changes or raises its consciousness, it will create a critical mass that will lift the entire collective consciousness.


The Hundredth Monkey

You may wonder how science can possibly prove anything which takes place on the invisibile consciousness plane. But this can be done by observing what happens in the outer world. In my books “Starbrow” and “Starwarrior”, I describe a very interesting scientific experiment called “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon” (see footnote). Some years ago, some scientists conducted an experiment involving several small Japanese islands. The only inhabitants of these islands were monkeys. And the diet of these monkeys consisted of, among other things, sweet potatoes, which the monkeys dug out of the ground and ate. The scientists conducting the experiment discovered that one of the monkeys on one of the islands had learned how to clean and scrub the potatoes before he ate them. It wasn't long before more and more of the monkeys on that island also learned how to clean and scrub their potatoes before they ate them. But what was really interesting was that a short while after about a 100 monkeys on this first island learned how to do this, the monkeys on all the neighboring islands also started cleaning and scrubbing their potatoes before eating them—without having any physical contact with the monkeys on the first island.


Now how could this happen? It could happen because consciousness is a non-local phenomenon in space and time and because on this inner plane of consciousness, we are all interconnected. This means that when one individual raises and changes his or her consciousness, the entire collective consciousness is raised and changed too, without any form of physical contact. This explains why the monkeys on the other islands suddenly learned how to wash and scrub their potatoes without any contact with the other monkeys. Because when the 100 monkeys on the first island changed and expanded their consciousness, it had an immediate effect on the entire collective monkey consciousness—without any physical contact between the monkeys.


The same holds true for us human beings. In other words, when one individual changes and raises his/her consciousness, it affects the rest of the collective consciousness without any form of physical contact. This means that you and I, whoever we are—wherever we are—by changing our consciousness and focusing on unity, oneness and love can contribute to creating a critical mass that will lift the entire collective consciousness of mankind and thus create peace and harmony on Earth.


A Simple Technique

In my books, I describe a simple technique that you can use to lift your own consciousness and the whole collective consciousness. The technique involves focusing your attention on the Nature of Reality—whether you call this reality God, Goddess, the Force, your Higher Self, Spirit—or any other name. After dwelling on the Nature of Reality, the next step is to visualize and affirm a positive New Vision for the world. A New Vision of unity, peace and love on Earth. This is the affirmation which I suggest:


In the beginning: The Force

Here and now: The Force

At the end of the end: The Force

Here, there, everywhere: The Force

From Alpha to Omega: The Force

In Heaven, upon Earth: The Force

In the greatest, in the smallest: The Force

In Fire, in Water, in Earth, in Air: The Force

In me, in you, in everyone: The Force

Above me, below me, around me: The Force

In me, through me, from me: The Force

In my thoughts, in my words, in my actions: The Force

The Force is all in all,

All life, all intelligence, all love.

The Force is the one and only reality.

And so it is!


This can be read aloud, or memorized and said silently. It can also be read aloud in a group, perhaps with one person speaking one line at a time and the rest of the group repeating each line – and with a few moments’ pause at the end for everyone to dwell on the meaning of this potent formula.


Heaven on Earth

Next see in your mind's eye, this One Force and Presence working in and through all of Planet Earth and all of humanity... see It sweeping across the oceans and the mountains... washing over the continents and the countries... sweeping into the cities and the towns...into the buildings and the skyscrapers and the slums... into the suburbs and the refugee camps... into the mansions and the palaces... into the hospitals and the prisons... into the government buildings and the schools... in through each and every window and door... into the heart of every man, woman and child on Earth... See this One Force and Presence working in and through all people... in presidents and politicians, in factory workers and farmers... in business people and movie stars, in street kids and gang members... in mothers and fathers, in sisters and brothers... in the young and old... see everyone healthy and strong... wealthy and prosperous... living in harmony with Nature and the Earth... happy, loving and generous... See all this in your mind's eye... The New Vision... all people, all races, all nations, all religions... all united in the Force... all One with the Force... One Glorious Garden of Goodness... One Heavenly Hymn of Harmony... One Blissful Blessing of Beauty... One Law of Life and Love... One Wonderful Wealth of Wisdom... One Rainbow River of Riches... One Celestial Song of Sweetness... One Perfect and Profound Peace... One Living, Loving, Laughing Life... on Magnificent Magical Mother Earth... Our Heavenly Home in the Universe... and know in your heart that... Heaven is on Earth now...


It is important to do this everyday, but you don’t have to spend a long time doing it. 5-10 minutes is enough. The most important thing is to keep returning your consciousness and your focus to this New Vision of Oneness. The other important thing is to think and act everyday based on this New Vision. Let’s work together to create a critical mass for world peace!


Footnote: For further study of “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”, see the books “Lifetide” by Lyall Watson and “The Hundredth Monkey” by Ken Keyes Jr.