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The Adventures of Pebble Beach
by Barbara Berger

Available as a paperback, e-book and Kindle.

Paperback: $25.00 USD (free shipping worldwide)
e-book: $6.00 USD (the e-book will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours from receiving your order)

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Surprised? Well, so were we at BeamTeam Headquarters when we found out that Barbara Berger had actually written a steamy, fun “Sex and the City” type novel. Barbara's book has just been released by Roundfire Books in the US and UK.


The truth of the matter is that Barbara actually first wrote about Pebble Beach back in 1987. But at that time, not that many people were interested in Barbara's work so she put the manuscript in a drawer and completely forgot it! Then one day in 2007, she found it quite by accident and thought to herself - wow - did I actually write this?


And then she started editing, revising and rewriting it just for the fun of it. And well folks, now you can share in the fun too. Because you see "The Adventures of Pebble Beach" is a high-spirited tale of a newly divorced, 40-something woman with two teenage sons who is trying to take control of her life, her sex-crazed body, and her new relationships with men – while struggling to build a career in advertising in the big city. When she realizes how disastrous her relationships with men are and an unsavoury business scandal threatens to ruin her burgeoning career, our brave heroine decides to go to therapy.


And so begins one modern woman’s journey of self-discovery. So yes this does sound like something Barbara Berger could write. A fun combination of chick lit and self help! So If you like “Sex and the City” and Barbara’s other books, you’ll probably love Barbara’s slightly daft and very charming heroine Pebble Beach as she throws herself head first into her new life – without a safety net.