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Sane Self Talk

Cultivating the Voice of Sanity Within

by Barbara Berger

e-book: $6.00 USD (the e-book will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours from receiving your order)


In her book Sane Self Talk – Cultivating the Voice of Sanity Within, Barbara investigates the many ways in which we sabotage our own happiness and then gently guides us back into finding saner, more balanced ways of thinking and living. She does this by directing our attention to the conversations we are having all the time with ourselves inside our very own heads. And she asks – how many of these conversations are healthy and sane? How many of these conversations lead to worry, stress and anxiety? How many lead to peace of mind and happiness?

Then Barbara explains (based on her many years of working with clients) how we can have more healthy conversations with ourselves on subjects like:

- the difference between reality and our thinking

- the way we feel and owning all our feelings

- who is responsible for how other people feel

- who is responsible for the way we feel

- couple relationships, family, and parents and children

- taking care of one’s self, saying no and setting limits

- having unrealistic expectations to life

- finding the gift in challenges and hard times

- being present in our lives right now

- what it takes to be happy

In short: Sane Self Talk is remembering and reminding ourselves over and over again during the course of our day of… what’s important…

Sane Self Talk is available in English, Danish and Korean.