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Find and Follow Your INNER COMPASS
Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload
by Barbara Berger


Available as a paperback, e-book, Kindle, and audiobook.


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The book is also available as an audiobook narrated by Barbara Berger.
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In a time when we are bombarded from morning to evening with information from all sides as to what is best and what we "should" and "shouldn't" do to live happy lives, how can anyone navigate through this massive sea of information and know what's best for them to do in any given situation? In other words, is there a reliable way to make decisions and navigate wisely through life? Is there a way that takes into consideration who each individual is and what his or her needs, wants and desires are?

And the answer is yes, there is a way!

Because every single person alive has an Inner Compass! Every person has his or her own unique, personal, internal guidance system – which is working at all times and which is each person's direct connection to the Great Universal Intelligence that created each of us and all of Life.

That's what Barbara’s new book is about.

The book is about how to find, understand and use your internal guidance system, which Barbara calls the "Inner Compass"– to live a happier, more fulfilling, exciting and wonderful life.

The book is based on the understanding that this "Inner Compass" is, in every moment, giving us precise information as to what is the best way forward for each of us. And how does the Inner Compass do this? It does so by means of our emotions. In the book, Barbara explains the true significance of our emotions and how they are indicators of whether or not we are in alignment with the Great Universal Intelligence that has created all of us.

The promise of Barbara’s new book is that when we learn to listen to and follow our Inner Compass, we will be more in alignment with our True Selves and experience more flow, ease, joy, love, passion and enthusiasm in our lives. And as a result, we will be able to be of greater service to our families, friends and to the world in general.

In her new book, Barbara maps out:
- What is the Inner Compass and how does it work?
- How do we read the signals the Inner Compass is giving us in every now moment?
- What is the true significance of our emotions?
- How do we use the Inner Compass in practice – in our everyday lives, at work, in our relationships?
- What sabotages our ability to listen to and follow the Inner Compass?
- Is it selfish to follow the Inner Compass? What about other people?
- How can we constructively deal with the fear of other people’s disapproval, especially when the Inner Compass points us in a direction we believe other people will disapprove of or dislike?
- How can we gradually improve our ability to listen to and follow the Inner Compass?
- And much more!

Barbara’s new book is based on years of study and practice and on her many years of working with and helping clients deal with the universal challenges we all face in life. In short, a book you will want to have with you and read over and over again in the years to come!


In addition to the English edition, Find and Follow Your Inner Compass is also out in Danish, Czech, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal). We will let you know when the book is released in other languages.

1 minute video presentation of the Inner Compass by Barbara (in English):

What people are saying about Find and Follow Your Inner Compass:

Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today
"This 105 page warrior is the complete package. The author told me with her wit, examples and compassion how to listen to me, to find the small still voice and to follow it no matter what. I do believe many of us were taught to put others feelings and needs before our own, and it is wonderful to have my new little buddy tell me to just listen and follow my heart. I would recommend this simple slice of Heaven to anyone wanting the bottom line to self love. Thanks Barbara, it makes so much sense."

Bonnie Cehovet, book reviewer
"This is a fantastic book! If you are willing to work with it, your life will flow freely, and you will experience anything that you have the ability to envision! Definitely a resource book for personal growth!" Read the full review here.

Lori Reed, NetGalley

“A wonderful guide for anyone that is seeking more joy in life. This is a helpful well developed guide to identifying joy in your life and stepping away from the digital pressures of our age. I found this book very inspiring and helpful.”

The National Library

"Berger is a big name in the field of personal development with a large following. 'Find and Follow Your Inner Compass' definitely lives up to her other books. The book is easy to read and use and every library should buy it and have it in stock."

The Family Guide

"Everyone has an Inner Compass, but not everyone knows how to use it. Barbara Berger can help with this. In her beautiful new book, she guides you in how to experience a life with more flow and joy – by using your Inner Compass. And it's interesting reading indeed – because we all know about the dilemmas she describes. Strongly recommended!"

My Health

"In her new book, Barbara Berger shows us how one can live a happy, abundant and fulfilling life in an increasingly turbulent world. According to Barbara Berger, the key is to pay attention to our feelings and live in harmony with who we really are.  A simple recipe – not unlike what the Greek philosopher Epictetus said."

Jane Aamund, author of "Colorado Dreams" and many other bestselling novels

"I recommend that everyone – no matter how difficult it may seem – follow Barbara Berger's book on the' Inner Compass'. If I hadn't done so, I wouldn't be sitting here today, telling my story. Because understanding the 'Inner Compass' is the key to living a true and authentic life. Oh how easily we get off track. Thanks for everything, Barbara!"

Tim Ray, author of "101 Relationship Myths" and the "Starbrow" series

"Following the simple approach in Barbara Berger's book – 'Find and Follow Your Inner Compass' – can totally revolutionize your life. I know because it has revolutionized mine." 

Therapist Bjarne Dam Larsen
”I warmly recommend ”Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”. A lot has been written about the subject, but as always Barbara is so good at making it easy to understand and use for everyone. Even a seasoned therapist like me got new insights into the subject. Thank you! I give this book my highest recommendation.”