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The Awakening Human Being
- A Guide to the Power of Mind
by Barbara Berger
(with Tim Ray)

Available as a paperback, e-book, Kindle, and audiobook.

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The book is also available as an audiobook narrated by Barbara Berger.
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The Awakening Human Being
is a practical spiritual handbook that offers a clear and simple explanation of the way the mind works – which is the key to living a happy life. With this information in hand, you can understand (perhaps for the first time in your life) why you act and react the way you do – and can change your experience of life if you want to. With this information, you’re no longer the victim of forces (the mechanism of mind) that you don’t understand.

With Barbara’s book in hand, you have the simple key to experiencing the peace and happiness you seek in the present moment.  The book offers clear explanations of the following:

- The cause and effect relationship between your experience and your thinking
- The Mental Laws which describe the way your mind works
- The difference between reality and your thinking and what this means for your happiness
- How to use understanding the nature of your mind to experience more joy and happiness in the present moment
- Simple, practical exercises you can use in your daily life to improve your life right now
- How to access the deep inner happiness which is your true nature
- and much more

So far today, information about the mechanism of mind and the nature of consciousness are not readily available since this is something we don’t yet teach our children in school. (Hopefully we soon will!).

The Mental Laws

In the “Awakening Human Being”, you will find Barbara’s presentation of the "Mental Laws" which are her unique, scientific explanation of the way the mind works. No one has ever presented this mechanism like this before. It is scientific, practical and user-friendly at the same time.  And easy enough for a child to understand! More and more readers are amazed by the brilliance and clarity of Barbara’s presentation of the way the mind works and say it should be taught in all schools. And since the “Mental Laws” are scientific, they are something everyone can test for themselves as explained in the book.

Practical tools

Another extremely important aspect of the book is that Barbara presents 2 practical approaches to using the incredible power of the mind to change one's life. Barbara calls these two approaches "focus tools" and "investigation tools". There are many books around about each approach separately but this is the first book that combines the 2 approaches and shows how they can be used together.

In addition to English, the book is also available in Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Russian.

Barbara talks about ”The Awakening Human Being”

Click here for video and radio interviews with Barbara where she talks about the nature of mind and how you can use this information to live a happier, more fulfilling life right now.

Book review by Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review, USA:

"Best selling author Barbara Berger has written a straightforward guide to understanding how the mind, and consciousness, relates to reality and the search for happiness. Her approach is truly “psychological thinking,” meaning that it illuminates thought that sees itself. Step-by-step she presents complex metaphysical notions, and then by asking the very questions we are asking in our own minds about these concepts, proceeds to unpack any confusion, objections, or uncertainty with equal clarity and simplicity. She provides both tools and investigation practices for taking care of our own thinking, and the path to true happiness. The simplistic style of this book actually reveals a profound depth of insight and a commendable ability to distill big thinking into manageable bites of food for thought. In the wave of emerging books framing spiritual principles into a pragmatic and reason-based understanding of the mind and consciousness, this one stands tall and is highly recommended."

Book review by Peter Shepherd, Trans4Mind:
“Barbara's new book is a practical spiritual handbook that offers readers a complete guide to the awakening consciousness that is emerging on planet Earth and how to be a part of it. It's one of those few guidebooks that you can base your entire program of personal and spiritual growth upon, and go a very long way. It is reliable information throughout and contains both profound theory and a very helpful program of exercises you can make part of your daily life. The promise of this book is that it shows readers how to find a way out of suffering by waking up to the nature of reality and the nature of mind, to find the peace and happiness they seek in the present moment... indeed, to spiritually awaken.”


UK book reviewer Willow Merrymoon writes:

"It is hard to express in words just how profound this book is.  The amount of information that Berger has put across is astonishing and leaves one feeling that this is food for the soul.  She has absolutely delivered on her intention and her book is a must for anyone who is serious about changing their lives.”

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UK author and teacher Jane Matthews writes:

"I’m not sure the title of Barbara Berger’s book, The Awakening Human Being: a guide to the power of the mind, does justice to its simple brilliance. ‘How to think yourself happy’ might have been a more compelling title for a book that clearly answers precisely that question I’m always being asked: how do we change our thoughts?"


US book reviewer Bonnie Cehovet writes:

The Awakening Human Being is a tap on the shoulder from universe to not only remain in the present, but to remain aware in the present. Her focus is on waking up the nature of mind, through the use of what she terms “Mental Laws”. I dearly love the “toolbox” of effective techniques that she offers her readers to help them live a happy, harmonious life. That in itself makes this book worth its weight in gold!"

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