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Tim Ray - Background and qualifications



Tim Ray has supplemented his own intense awakening process by studying and working with a wide range of approaches for the last 20 years including:

Western approaches

The Work of Byron Katie (completed Byron Katie’s School for The Work in 2006)
Cognitive psychology
Assertiveness training and healthy boundaries
Adult Children of dysfunctional families, codependency, sex and love addiction, addictions, wounded Inner Child. (Tim also does group therapy with young people with drug addictions and eating disorders)
12-step programs
PTSD, trauma healing
New Thought / Science of Mind
Quantum Physics and the new science of consciousness

Eastern approaches

Meditation and mindfulness practices
Non-dualism / Advaita
Buddhist philosophy / Tibetan Buddhism / Zen


Author of four books about the nature of consciousness and mind published in English, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Bulgarian – including “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind” and the spiritual adventure novels "Starbrow" and "Starwarrior".

Translation work

Besides writing his own books, Tim is also a qualified translator from English to Danish and has translated more than 10 books about the nature of consciousness and mind by authors such as Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie and Barbara Berger.

Articles, columns and blogs

For many years now, Tim has been an active contributor to the public debate, writing articles, columns and blogs for both English and Danish magazines, newspapers and on-line media including Birmingham Post, Avalon Magazine, Wave Magazine, OM Times, Inner Self, Psykologi, Liv & Sjæl, Lys-strejfet, Logos, Tidens Kvinder, LevLykkeligt, Oestrogen, Q.

Teaching and private sessions

Since 1995, Tim has been giving lectures and workshops in many countries including Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, the Czech Republic, the UK and the US.

He has also worked privately with clients for many years.