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Private sessions
with Tim Ray

I offer private sessions at my office in Copenhagen, Denmark - or by telephone or Skype for people living abroad.


During the sessions, I will help you explore whatever areas you are having difficulty with - and hopefully help you find more clarity in your life when it comes to your issues. Some of the areas that I have experience working with are relationships, family problems, work and financial issues, problems with self-esteem and healthy boundaries, stress and crisis, and health issues. I can also help you with your personal and spiritual development. I also offer supervision for mental health professionals.

During sessions, I use the various “Getting Real” tools that we work with. For example, I will help you identify and then question the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are causing problems in your life.


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I speak English and Danish.

If you are interested in a session, contact me at (+45) 35 26 40 77 or send an e-mail to:

info (at)


Our offices in Copenhagen are located on Kastelsvej 21B, st. th., 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

Since it's important to me that everyone who wants to work with me can, I charge according to income, as follows: Payment for sessions at my office in Copenhagen: DKK 600 per session (1 hour). DKK 400 per session (1 hour) for students, senior citizens and the unemployed. DKK 800 per session (1 hour) for people with incomes above DKK 350,000 annually. DKK 1000 for couple sessions. Click here for online payment.

Telephone or Skype sessions

If you live far away from Copenhagen, we can do sessions by telephone or on Skype. Payment for telephone or Skype sessions for people living abroad: $100 USD for 1 hour. $65 USD for 30 minutes. For people who earn more than $60,000 USD per year the price is $150 USD for 1 hour. Click here for online payment

Cancellation policy

You can cancel at any time at no cost. But cancellations later than 6 PM the day before your session cost $65 USD. No show full price ($100 USD). Our office telephone is a landline - does not receive text messages. So please call or send an e-mail if you want to change your time.



















What are the benefits of working with me?
One of my clients (Lise-Lotte, age 45) says she is experiencing:
“- Greater sense of self-worth
- More self-confidence (more trust in my ability to know what is right for me)
- More joyful
- More realistic expectations to myself
- More loving and kind towards myself
- More assertive, better at setting limits
- More understanding and tolerant of others
- More aware of my unconscious patterns of behavior
- Greater understanding of the human condition
- Better at distinguishing between reality and my thinking
- Better at taking care of myself
- More conscious of the power of thought
- Less perfectionism
- Much better at coping with my family
- Less codependent
- Not so afraid of authority figures (better at trusting my own judgment)
- More grateful
- Experiencing the abundance of my life”


Bo, age 39, says he is experiencing:
"- More self-acceptance
- More self-confidence
- More at peace with myself
- More accepting of others
- Don’t compare myself so much with other people
- Better at setting limits and saying no
- Less of a people-pleaser, more authentic in my relationships
- More energy – I can now do 70 push-ups!
- Less fearful
- More aware of my unique talents and strengths and how I can make a contribution at work and in society
- Happier, more light-hearted
- Less identified with my stories
- Better people skills, better relationships"